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Upcoming Meetings

Jun 3

Arts Affinity Group

In order to support the professionals who are helping their organizations survive while shut down, we are forming an Arts Affinity Group in order to share information and best practices for our specialized sector.

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Jun 10

AFP Webinar: Six Figure Success: How to Grow Your Small Nonprofit’s Annual Fundraising to $100,000 and Beyond

The more money you raise, the more good you can do. For small nonprofits, more money means more staff and more programs. But it can be tricky to figure out the right mix of fundraising strategies to cross $100,000 for the first time. You probably already

Jun 24

AFP Webinar: How Nonprofits Can Powerfully Use Storytelling NOW During the Pandemic

Are you feeling as if bad news is never-ending during this health pandemic? In our restlessness and helplessness everyone seems to be hungry for inspiration. Hungry for examples of how life might be a little better for someone else. That's why NOW is the

Jul 8

AFP Webinar: Robots Make Bad Fundraisers – How Nonprofits Can Maintain Their Heart in the Digital Age

In some ways, we’re in a golden age of fundraising. There have never been more ways to capture attention, rally supporters, generate revenue, and measure fundraising performance than there are today. The accessibility of this technology has also never bee

Jul 22

AFP Webinar: Everything We Know About Fundraising is (Mostly) Wrong

We often hear about concepts like the fundraising pyramid, donor prospecting, or the funnel approach to donor cultivation. But do these philosophical beliefs match up with reality? Join Steve MacLaughlin, vice president of product management at Blackbaud

Aug 5

AFP Webinar: Is Prospect Research Donor-Centered? Yes! The Ethics and Process of Donor-Centered Prospect Development & Data Privacy

In the wake of data scandals, security concerns and a growing number of new data privacy laws, is traditional prospect research still relevant and appropriate for fundraising? How does this ever-changing landscape affect how we fundraise and manage our do