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As a resource to our members and the professional philanthropy community, AFP-NY Westchester facilitates this venue for employers and candidates to find each other locally.

If you have an employment opportunity to be listed, please send the details by clicking the appropriate link below.  If you have any specific questions about our jobs bank you can email us at [email protected]

AS OF OCTOBER 1, 2020 ALL JOB POSTINGS MUST INCLUDE A SALARY RANGE.  See below for more information.*

Until January 31, 2021 there is NO CHARGE to place an ad if you are a Westchester Area nonprofit looking to hire a Development Staff member.

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Here are the reasons why we are enacting this change:

First, not including the salary range in a job posting reinforces the salary gaps we see in the fundraising profession and in all of society based on gender, race and other factors. Studies show that women and people of color often have huge disadvantages during salary negotiations. Requiring salary ranges promotes equity in the fundraising profession.

Second, this change is all about encouraging transparency. We demand transparency in the relationship between our donors and our organizations. We should expect no less from our organizations when hiring a fundraiser (or any other position).

Third, salary ranges set expectations from the beginning and ensure there is no surprise about salaries and that neither party is wasting their time on a candidate or a position that doesn’t meet their salary needs. In addition, there is research which shows that jobs with salary ranges get 30% more attention.

Finally, the salary compensation of any position should be based on the work and value of the position to the organization and its roles and responsibilities. Of course, not everyone will be paid the same for the same job because of differing levels of skills and experiences. But those salaries should be similar and set in a range because the work is similar.

Organizations that have questions about setting ranges for various jobs can consult the annual AFP Compensation and Benefits Report to see the general range of salaries for a variety of fundraising positions.  Please contact us at info[at] with questions.

Thank you!

AFP Westchester Board
September 21, 2020

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Development Director (Part-Time)

Westchester Reform Temple

Job Posting
Jan. 14, 2021


Executive Director

Greenburgh Nature Center

Job Posting
Jan. 13, 2021


Chief Advancement Officer

Ruotolo Associates Inc.

Job Posting
Jan. 13, 2021


Development Director

Neighbors Link

Job Posting
Dec. 31, 2020


Executive Assistant

Stepping Stones - Historic Home

Job Posting
Dec. 10, 2020


Advancement Manager

Stepping Stones - Historic Home

Job Posting
Dec. 10, 2020


Development Associate

Volunteer New York!

Job Posting
Dec. 7, 2020


Principal Gifts Officer

Westchester County Medical Center Fdn

Job Posting
Dec. 1, 2020